Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hate list.

I hate my body. - My body is the main cause of me feeling shitty. I would be happier if I was skinny but it is so hard to lose weight. 

I hate how I need to wear make up to feel pretty. - It's true. I look gorgeous when I'm all done up, but when I don't have any make up on I'm so ugly. 

I hate my hair. - It's boring, flat, thin, damaged. 

I hate my family. - So much drama. My mom fucks everything up. 

I hate alcohol. - Turns people into monsters and causes them to make bad decisions.

I hate drugs. ^^ 

I hate St. Catharines. - No friends here. Some people will say otherwise, but I disagree. 

I hate relationships. - I'm better off alone. 

I hate my mind. - I feel like there's two people living inside me.

I hate myself. - For many reasons. 


  1. hey relax... We all are like this.. some admit it while some don't .. Even I hate guys, as they make us suffer.. lolz...